The Glossies | Vogue Russia 12.03.09


Vogue Russia, December 2009

Vogue Russia, December 2009

I love this composition. Firstly, the nod to Russian Constructivism with the words seeming to come from Claudia’s slightly parted lips. Second, the font has a retro feel but is also interesting to me because I am not used to the Cyrillic alphabet. Third, again, she’s looking at the text, so naturally the reader is drawn to it. Lastly, so many fashion magazines don’t utilize the opening spread, so many times a fashion story starts on the right hand page. I think an opening spread like this is a refreshing thing to see!

As for the fashion, that coat looks like a Sesame Street monster or the plastic chairs from my elementary school, but I am sure it’s real fur, as is typical of Vogue. I am also really liking her eye makeup, especially the shadow, which looks similar to NARS Ashes to Ashes. A fun look for Winter, and definitely not a look you’d expect Boris and Natasha to be sporting while chasing a certain moose and squirrel.

Check out the rest of  the shoot in Vogue Russia. It’s interesting that she’s laying down in all the images. Maybe if I could read Russian I’d understand that better. I (of course) really like the retro-inspired clothes and the mid-century modern furniture on which Claudia is luxuriating.

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