Links are Awesome | 12.18.09

I know yesterday was the Grabby ‘n Stabby, but I’ve got some things I want to share so I felt like I needed to do a “Links are Awesome” again.

holiday parties

** Pictures from last night’s second holiday party with MK12.

• My dad sent me this New York Times article about young men who are taking more interest in how they dress. I totally see this in David, and my friends Krysztof, Nick and Ivan. And, pardon me for being judgmental, but I love it because most men dress like slobs.  I will step down from my soapbox now.

• Rachel Zoe’s holiday gift guide. You know you want to look. Everything is under $100, so really, she’s keeping it pretty realistic, which I can appreciate.

• The Shoe Girl blog. Love at first sight, obviously.

• I’m indifferent to Angelina Jolie, but I like this quote.“scars are sexy because it means you made a mistake that led to a mess” Ok, that’s not a link, but give me a break.

• Next time I visit my sister in Austin I am so getting my hair styled just for the hell of it at THIS salon.

• Yeah, yeah, the coat. Forget that, this girl is GORGEOUS.

Shalom Harlow does not age and is elegant as hell.

• I LOVE linoleum block printing! Check out this holiday card on FPO.

Ok, that’s all for today — I have another holiday party tonight with David, presents to make and buy this weekend, oh, and there’s another edition of Worn Out coming VERY soon!

Have a great weekend!

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